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that before you start picking a fight with michigan union workers. [ music ] >> this is a fight for the survival of labor unions and the american middle class they support. just minutes ago, the michigan house of representatives passed the so-called "right to work bill." it passed 58 to 52. six republicans voted know, but the bill passed. and believe me, if they can do this in michigan, they can do it anywhere in the country. it gives new meaning to the term "lame-duck session." the bill basically eviscerates bargaining. it's a move to cut off the resources that give labor unions their strength. in addition to people funding, we have seen this work before. there is no doubt what's going on here. it is a war on unions. it is a war on the democratic party. today, a lansing state journal photographer captured this video as waves of union sportupporters and police flooded the state capitol trying to stop the bill. the capitol was locked down. police say they arrested eight people inside, and even used a chemical spray to regain control control. outside, u
this rink gives you the option of skating until you drop in union square and while you are at it admire the macy's christmas tree nearby. >> make the skating part of your holiday tradition, be sure to check the hours at ♪ >> >> >> frantic shoppers around you may be in need of a break from the festivities and have no fear i will count down the places that will add fun to the madness. if you're in good of a good laugh stop by for free comedy night and food and drink speciallies. come laugh the night away at 8:00 p.m. sharp. after that get your skate grove on in your finest black and white duds. join the godfather of skate and his party crew this thursday at the skate night. skate to the funk and rolear disco and say the words "i love skating" and get a discount at the door. maybe the star party is your cup of tea and socialize and get tips about the night sky and from san francisco's picturesque land's end and the skies the limit. that's the weekly buzz. visit us
to be an anti-unionism that is coursing through the bloodstream. >> there is an anti-unionism that is coursing through the bloodstream of the republican legislature, but that does not mean that it's on the ground of michigan. if you ask people if it would be a good idea to put this right to work law in place, you would get the majority of the people--i don't think how much of the majority but clearly the majority who would say they do not want this to happen, and it is too divisive. the governor flip flopped in the last minute even though he campaigned on not being a divisive governor. there was pressure from members of the legislature on him. there was apparently some closed-door meeting where the senate majority leader who is a republican and who is a pro- pro-labor republican who flip flopped because he felt he might be primaried. it's being played by the billionaires who we see playing this on the national level but also michigan has a few of them that has particular clout in the republican party in michigan. >> eliot: well look, you defeated one of them twice in your gubernatorial races m
in union square and while you are at it admire the macy's christmas tree nearby. >> make the skating part of your holiday tradition, be sure to check the hours at ♪ ♪ >> our concern is they are going to be here for a couple of days and everybody is going to have a great time. and we have three days of them and 362 days of everybody else using the park. ♪ ♪ >> this is the fifth year of our partnership with another planet entertainment, where another planet puts on probably the greatest music festival in america for three days here in golden gate park. >> we work with them a lot to prevent and not have any problems. and what we have done with them is have roads built and have pieces under whatever equipment is parked. they do all of that. and then when it gets removed, they have very little damage. >> for me as a gardener and having to stay here and work after they leave, i am more than happy when i see their greening team come through and green everything up. >> we have given them pieces that they can use, and pieces that they can't use. so we are allowing them, again,
to be union jobs, inside the arena as well as outside the arena. this is important. many of us often talk about labor peace, but i am, i think in these days, talking more about labor confidence and labor happiness because labor peace often says there's a dispute going on. here we're going way beyond dispute. we're actually making some assurances that our people who work the jobs in and outside of the arena will get the respect that they deserve. this is oftentimes -- if we lay that out early, and i think this is what the warriors are doing, they're breeding confidence in our labor force. not only do you have peace, but you can have confidence that you can have families around you supported by the jobs that we're creating here because they're going to be union-paying jobs. so, according to the fiscal feasibility report that is now on file officially with our city, we have indicated that there will be over 4300 direct jobs that will be created city-wide as a result of the what r warriors arena being in san francisco. and that is over 2600 that are construction jobs and we announced and went
-to-work legislation. bob king, united autoworkers president yesterday. >> i think that unions -- i think things like this are waking the sleeping giant. working families are tired of losing. they want a fair share of the prosperity of this state and this country and i think that's going to help build the union movement. >> stephanie: yeah. i love the republican house speaker. this is about freedom. fairness and equality. these are basic american rights, rights that should unite us. that's why we did this behind closed doors with no referendum because we knew it would unite us. >> freedom for ceos. >> stephanie: michigan's future has never been brighter because workers are free. >> free to live on the streets. >> stephanie: yes. >> in winter. >> stephanie: ah yes. senator carl levin of michigan. >> he has a responsibility as governor of avoiding this kind of a cliff. it is not -- it's not good enough we told him -- for him to say that he would like to get this behind us. >> stephanie: he went on to say -- the senator
michigan the latest right-to-work state despite protests from unions and president obama. >>> the rescue of an american doctor held captive by the taliban comes with a cost. a member of the elite navy s.e.a.l. team six is killed in the operation. >>> and apple adrift. some users of apple's much-maligned maps program end
constitucional o no la ley federal que define el matrimonio como la union entre un hombre y una mujer.el gobierno federal solicito al congreso mas de "60 mil millones" de dolares en fondos adicionales, para ayudar a la recuperacion de las zonas devastadas en la costa este por el huracan "sandy". una pintura en la que aparece el expresidente felipe calderon con un busto del heroe de la independencia "jose maria morelos" ha causado una gran controversia en mexico. mas informacion en sus ediciones del fin de semana.
union navidad y estar con los seres queridos. estar con amor y paz. tener mucha ilusiones para el proximo año que nos viene el 2013
of the comments that were made today but both the public and the union. we certainly understand those comments and, we do not take them lightly. we have a significant purpose in this community, and we are working very hard to meet all of the needs of our riders daily. it is a complex, undertaking a balancing act, between operations and maintenance. providing service as a carrier of probably the largest number of persons per day in the bay area. so, i come here first and foremost to say thank you to this body for providing guidance and certainly funding for many of the projects that we undertake as we go forward. i also come to this afternoon i must do this to acknowledge my colleague, louis who and i go back over 20 years of service to public. even during our days of working in alamena county together. i thank you for your service and i appreciate you, and the industry will miss you, tremendously. and as you go forward and do other things. and i myself, learned many things from you over the years and i thank you for that. and we are available at any time for your guidance. so, thank you so much fo
agreement with john o'connell. we recently signed an mou stating that the carpenter's union will hire students graduating from the john o'connell program. i am also a graduate of john o'connell and it's been a great career for me. i think it's a great thing for the relationship we have formed with the school district. we met with october and signed the agreement in which five graduating students from john o'connell will come into direct entry into the carpenter's program and two of them will be females, which is great. and we're very excited about going forward with this. paula will be getting together with the john o'connell school and providing the curriculum in which the students graduating have direct entry into the carpenter's join. i also want to say that we'll be having a college and career awareness day next thursday, december 19th. so that is the late update with the carpenters thank you. >> where will that take place? >> ida b. wells high school next thursday. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much, have a great day. >> and if there are any other members of public
were in union square at the celebrations and if he is activities. (applause). yes mis. >> i was fortunate enough to join the opening of the festival at the castro theater and i can't thank them enough for making us all aware of that work as well and,phd has been a kind sponsor with the coffee which we all know keeps us awake and ice -- which keeps us well well fed. yes, please give it up. and we all know the work that takes place, here to allow all of us to enjoy the city like this could not be wad without a very strong organizing work of our planning committee and so to all of you i want to say thank you again again and particularly again to shad dee alcarra. who's-who really has been a beakon of energy inside of our office at the mayor's office and neighborhood service and is sweating through our work to make sure we are well on point to have a great celebration here at city hall and so again shad dei thank you very much for your work. to all of you here tonight from the city family i want to saw thank you for joining us here as well and to really encourage you to take p
communities to make me and help me lune run the city. yes, it's incredible. union, i think i can talk about how wonderful diversity is, but we have to get the talent from our communities to represent all of the different thing that we do in the city. and you know, tonight, even though there is something called a baseball game out there, but these wonderful events that we have in the city whether it's america's cup whether it's fleet week, whether it's the 49ers playing or the giants playing, even eventually when we land the superbowl it all board of trustees all of us, i know that what i'm doing as a mayor and making sure that i support smallbitions in the city is helpful to the america arab community because all of us whether we are chinese americas hal teen know arabs is a starts for us to make our life a little more pleasant and own our business and is make sure that our kids get the best education possible and this is a story about immigrants in our great city. and so why not you have the first chinese mayor inviting immigrant community to really identify the talent in our community a
. >>> european union leaders have agreed to consider all options to help syria's opposition forced oust president assad. adopting a statement on syria on friday, the statement says the eu is appalled by the deteriorating situation. >> for a real political process to take place. the european council remains actively engaged and asks the foreign affairs council to look -- i'm quoting, at all options to support and -- >> the eu has been increasing sanctions on the assad administration since may of last year. the measures include bans on oil imports from syria and transactions with the country's central bank. at the meeting earlier this week, eu foreign ministers agreed to recognize the opposition syrian national coalition as a legitimate representative of the syrian people and rally support for the group. >>> leaders in japan and china are engaged in a despite over islands in the east chinese sea. the chinese are taking a new tactic in their efforts to press their claim. they told united nations officials their country extending far enough under the sea to encompass the islands. officials with china
in the reelection in one of our biggest states in the union, it was that the people want us to come together and to stop this bickering, the ideological rigidity that we've seen, excessive amounts of -- and the excessive partisanship. and that is a huge, huge turno turnoff, because i think logical rigidity and excessive partisanship are impediments to getting people to come together with commonsense decisions for solutions. mr. president, obviously, there's an easy way, and hopefully that is what is being tweaked at the moment in a final solution with the president to speak in about 30 minutes. i hope so. mr. president, i'm going to leave you with this thought: my colleagues know that a little over a quarter century ago i had the privilege of seeing our home planet when the perspective of looking through the window of a spacecraft back at our planet. it was the 24th flight of the space shuttle. it was early in the space shuttle program. mr. president, it is indelibly etched in my mind's eye, as i looked back at earth what i saw. i did not see political divisions. i did not see religious divi
disagreement with you with regard to unions. unions are very important it was unions that allowed my parents to raise seven children and as former sharecroppers with only a second grade education, and to extend to college and allow me to be a member of the congress, it was unions. i will fight until i die the for the strength of unions because they play a significanrole. as a representative from maryland, i know how critical the northeast quarter is to ensuring mobility. the corridor is critical and hosts many rail lines, and every year, 11 million passengers, our constituents, ride amtrak in the northeast corridor. the company last week was told it is only expected to increase the population growth. is that not wonderful? it is not as fast as we need. we need modern, high-speed rail service. we need it in the northeast corridor. i remind us this is america, the greatest country in the world. we should have the best service in the world. for that reason, i strongly support the vision for a high- speed rail, set forth by president obama. to designate the northeast corridor as a high-speed qua
. >> the european union, [indiscernible] if you could give us a small order of [indiscernible] the people that may be problematic for the u.s. perspective. >> quickly, i would say to me the center of gravity is homes. right now the regime has control of homes. the reason i say that is so important is because it really, geographically, that is the first reason. it's it's many ways -- all roads go through there in every direction. primarily, you need to drive through literally to go from damascus to the coast. if the regime is going to maintain a viable line of communication to the coast, they need to maintain holmes. there are other reasons for this as well. holmes has all of the oil and gas infrastructure. i think the geography really plays a key role there. i think if the rebels to reach a position where they can actually force the regime to negotiate as opposed to just continue this slide and to defeat it will be because they have controlled homes or because they go after the coast. as far as the keeper of the thinker problematic going forward, the battalion. i think they do a good job of charac
slovenly. it is stupid, it's what they did in the soviet union. kill ambition. to hell with that. >> stephanie: wow, someone is getting a little upset about losing their spare oxycontin stash. lots of people have proposed 100% tax rate. that's exactly what is on the table. >> you can't expect rush logic to enter into reality. >> stephanie: yes, and liberalism is to blame. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> how? so -- >> stephanie: doesn't matter jim. and also rush limbaugh marriage expert had something to do with they are not married. >> well he says that women -- one way to make women conservative is to marry them and he is trying to do that one lady at a time. >> yes, he is. >> stephanie: okay. shawn handy. >> republicans have allowed themselves to get caught in a circular firing squad, negotiating among themselves and now tea party members are being removed from key committees. and john boehner adopted the rhetoric of rich versus the poor. >> stephanie: oh no. >> if sean hannity is on the case, it is going to get solved. i'm shocked, i still can't believe,
of itself, the former soviet union had 95% turnout that doesn't reflect health and the political system. chicago can get to 110% but with the australian politicians will tell you is if you know that your base is going to be fair, their base is going to be there you don't focus on energizing and exciting and schering the crap out of your base or suppressing the oversight to read you have to focus on the voters in the middle and it changes the issues that you talk about. they don't talk a lot in their campaigns about dumbs. they talk about the economy, jobs, the climate, education and things that matter and they don't use the kind of language that we use in our campaign because they're scared or turn off the voters in the middle. at the center that since we don't like mandatory anything now come to be a champion of the mega millions lottery where your ticket is your voting stock of coming and if you look at the last mega millions where people camped out three days in advance to be given to get a ticket where of course let's face it the chance of winning was less than being struck by light
and what he did for the union being exposed to the decoration of independence and the constitution. i'm here today because of that, honestly. i would live -- like to give special thanks to the national archives. i want to thank you for coming to this extraordinary conversation. i want to encourage those on the television add yen to come to the place, if you can. bring your kids. bring your grand kids and your grand nephew. bring the next generation here, and if you can't come here physically, experience the national archives online. you mentioned the internet. because i think,s if up to us, the living, we can't just think about the future without thinking very deeply about the past. i think this is a place that will help us do that thinking, and so i ask all of you to join me in thanking justice thomas and thanking the archives. [applause] >> thank you. [applause] cases. including the recent ruling on health care. it is about one hour. >> hello, everyone. thank you so much for being here. in my case this happens to be true. i am not myself from philadelphia, but my dad, he was. [appla
to the former soviet union on multiple occasions to gain a better understanding of how the united states could secure and dismantle weapons of mass destruction. his experiences led him to champion the landmark legislation that successfully resulted in the deactivation of nuclear warheads, making this world a safer place. to date the nunn-lugar program has deactivated more than 7 warheads that were once aimed at the united states, a contribution to which americans can never give enough thanks. over his 36 years in this institution, senators from both sides of the aisle have considered dick lugar a trusted resource when it comes to foreign policy and many other important issues. he has been a consistent resource for those who seek thoughtful answers to difficult political questions. when i first arrived here in 1989, senator lugar and i operated a unique joint office arrangement in indiana, sharing office space and staff in our state. many of our colleagues were surprised by this arrangement, but dick lugar and i like to tell hoosiers they're getting twice the service for half the price. all t
union, and surely they believe that people's rights to trial and jury trial should not be denied. so the allegations that were made by the senator from kentucky are wrong, there is absolutely no substantiation for them, including the one just referred to by senator mccain. but the statement that he makes that there is language in this bill -- here's the bill. where's the senator from kentucky? what page of the bill is he referring to? the language that he says denies people the right to trial. it's just simply not there, and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from arkansas. mr. pryor: i'm going to try to keep my remarks to about five minutes here. i would first, though, like to thank senators levin and mccain for their leadership on this legislation. they really set the tone and they've been good role models for the entire senate on how legislation should be conducted. so i want to thank both of them. i think men of my colleagues feel the very same way, that they appreciated how we've -- appreciate how we've handled the defense authorization. it's a massive underta
Search Results 2,900 to 2,949 of about 2,950 (some duplicates have been removed)